Since 2009, The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time has explored far-flung areas of Los Angeles on bike. Departing from Koreatown's California Donuts #21, each Wednesday night we set out on a unique route based around a different theme. Sometimes historical, sometimes conceptual, often nonsensical, sometimes a game, our routes aim to give participants a balance between seeing new things and seeing old things anew. Convinced that bicycle infrastructure encompasses much more than bike lanes and river paths, we climb hills, wander off-road, and venture underground to manifest unexpected connections between otherwise disconnected places.

On this bike ride, you might expect:

  • - inconvenient passageways
  • - oblique strategies
  • - Oulipian constraints
  • - parts of the city of which you are not familiar
  • - familiar parts of the city, defamiliarized
  • - maps that are no longer accurate
  • - rivers that no longer exist
  • - disorientation
  • - reorientation
  • - playgrounds, pool halls, bowling alleys, karaoke
  • - full moon picnics
  • - traffic median tea parties
  • - cover versions of other people's rides,
  • - performed with amateurish enthusiasm
  • - amateurish enthusiasm
  • - smell tourism
  • - Couchwick v2.0


  • - a medium pace
  • - (possibly not for beginners; certainly not a hustle)
  • - approx. 20-35 miles
  • - likely some hills
  • - often some off-roading
  • - few stops, short stops
  • - but we're not in a rush; we don't need to run every light
  • - victory donuts!

Even more

Cumulative route map

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