Passage #481: 28 November 2018

Chance Procedures

In the first six or seven years of this ride, we had remarkably good luck as far as weather went. Oh, sure, it would rain occasionally on a Wednesday now and again, but it almost always seemed to stop right before the ride started. Not always, but almost.

For the last couple years, however, it seems our luck has changed and now it has often been the case that the opposite is true: no rain before the ride, but an hour or two into it..... Like, for instance, last week. We still managed to get a decent ride in before it really started coming down, but rain it did. (And, indeed, we were pretty soaked by the time we got home.)

Well, we don't know if you've looked at the forecast for tonight, but it is pretty much the same as last week. There is a high chance of rain.

So, here's the thing: if it is raining at 9pm in any significant way, we'll implement Plan B (bowling). If not, we will see if we can get a ride in before it begins!

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