Passage #494: 8 March 2019

TGI Passage's

Yay! More rain! Yep, this Wednesday night rain thing has been quite consistent lately. But The Passage, as you know, is consistently inconsistent. So, rather than bowling (been there) or riding in the rain again (done that), it's a great opportunity to do something new: ride on a Friday!

Yes, while our Wednesday night bike ride has occasionally been a Saturday daytime bike ride, and it actually started out briefly as a Tuesday night bike ride, something it has never been is a Friday night bike ride. And while there have of course been plenty of other Friday night bike rides over the years (especially second Friday bike rides; we've even organized one of those), there's never been the opportunity for you to do a proper Passage ride on a Friday. And maybe, before we end this, that could give some new people a chance to join in, those for whom a weekday evening or weekend day is not possible?

So, yeah, it won't be a game nite or a craft nite or any other rainy-day alternate activity nite; this Friday will be a Passage night, one of our typically atypical bike rides. Thank goodness!

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