Passage #502: 1 May 2019

Strange Attractors

A bike ride is a system which expands out towards the many attractions in the terrain. Each week we slightly adjust the gravitational pull of the urban variables, and each week a different route emerges from the equation. And even on the most strongly themed rides of our rides, with the most clearly delimited destinations, there are countless other places exerting their influence upon the shape of our travels.

And when there are no strong attractors, no distant, necessary vertices to pull the route taut, what we are left with -- and may the mathematicians forgive us (for our mixed metaphors, if nothing else) -- are the strange attractors, chaotically bending and buckling our path. So it is with this week. There are no sites to visit or stories to tell. Just a gnarled hand reaching out, grasping some version of the city.

Route Map

map502.jpg: 700x700, 136k (May 12, 2019, at 01:14 AM)

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Passage502_DSC09074.jpg: 700x467, 143k (May 07, 2019, at 03:11 AM)
Passage502_DSC09075.jpg: 700x467, 142k (May 07, 2019, at 03:11 AM)
Passage502_DSC09080.jpg: 700x467, 155k (May 07, 2019, at 03:11 AM)
Passage502_DSC09100.jpg: 700x467, 134k (May 07, 2019, at 03:11 AM)