Passage #15: 30 September 2009

Streetwarming Party

Every week is different, but this week is more different than most. It is the last day of the month, and the objects that previously made up so many dwelling spaces have come pouring out into the streets like refugees looking for new homes. Some of them may not succeed. So we are going to make them a part of our home for a short while, right there on the sidewalk. And we are going to invite people to join us in this streetwarming party.

Consider: Couches, chairs, dressers and end tables cast into exile. Objects that "worked" in only one space and could work no where else. And televisions. So many televisions! Those poor analog creatures, listening for signals that are no longer there... Surely we can let them occupy a place of privilege in our living rooms one last time.

This ride is a scouting mission. We are seeking out blocks with enough street things to furnish our temporary abode. We will still get in a decent 15-20 miles at our usual moderate pace, but the route and the length of the stops will depend partly upon the couchweather in the neighborhoods through which we are passing. If you have some handy props for a housewarming party, please bring them. A welcome mat? A basket of fruit? A wide smile? Yes. All these things.

Route map

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