Passage #18: 21 October 2009

My So-Called Ride

Chatter around the Midnight Ridazz forums lately has been sorta strange. Does Jared Leto really like us? Or is he just, like, using us? And do we, ya know, like Jared Leto? He does look kinda fetching leaning up against that wall in his flannel shirt, kinda deep... Substitute "Jordan Catalano" for "Jared Leto" and you pretty much have the plot of My So-Called Life. So this week we go back to high school (4 high schools, actually) and find out how we really, like, feel. And for that extra knot of authentic teenage awkwardness, I haven't had time to scout the route - so there'll no doubt be some false starts, some wrong turns. It's okay, that's how we, like, grow. Or whatever.

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