Passage #184: 30 January 2013

Don't Stop Believin'

So. Sometimes the journey is more important than any ad hoc reason one could invent for setting out on any particular course. In fact, sometimes the journey is the reason, all by itself. And maybe the journey (or rather, the Journey) has got it right on that score: don't stop believin'.

Oh, but wait, did we already go with a belief-related ride theme this month? We did? OK, well, fine then. Let's just keep that up. Believe in the Journey. Believe in yourself. Believe in Magic, or whatever. But definitely believe in the bike ride.

Because it's a rather nice evening for that (the bike ride, that is). The moon is out, the night is clear, and the temperature is, well, not too chilly, we hope. Maybe you should believe in some layers too. But believe.

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