Passage #210: 7 August 2013


Right now, you are transforming these patterns of brightness into letters, the letters into words, and the words into yet more abstract concepts. And though it is comforting to think of these transformations as inevitable, each following logically from the last, they all rely on some cognitive sleight of hand, in which you do not even realize that you have been filling in blanks and connecting dots all along. It might be said that the patterns of brightness objectively exist, but the letters and words do not, until you make them.

And so it is with this week's ride. There are dots which remain fixed, but the route, comprising some set of connections between them, must be ridden if it is to be brought into existence.

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map210.jpg: 700x700, 137k (October 19, 2013, at 09:06 PM)

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