Passage #293: 1 April 2015

A Fool's Errand

So there's no ride tonight...


Haha! Aprils fools! Did we get you, or did we get you? There is totally a ride tonight, about 70 miles long, with tons of giant hills, sandy trails, and maybe a few streams to be forded...


April fools again! Isn't this a fun holiday? Why don't more people do this? The route is actually pretty well-paved, with a normal amount of small hills. There are just a few unscouted storm drains here and there... And snakes. Lots of snakes.

No, wait... come back!

OK, OK, fine; it's a pretty average Passage ride, probably no more or less foolish than usual (which is, granted probably still a bit foolish), but there are no stupid pranks, ham-handed jokes or fake news stories, we promise...

Route Map

map293.jpg: 700x700, 137k (May 04, 2015, at 04:53 PM)

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