Passage #373: 12 October 2016

Transverse Traverse

Simplicity is never as simple as it seems, it seems. Now, of course, on paper it may be easy enough to convince ourselves that we are simply letting form follow function, taking the path least resistance, &c. But then, off the page, what seemed like an elegant and parsimonious solution goes completely off the rails, and all we can do is stand back and marvel while new functions, as it were, arise spontaneously from form.

Though the Passage may be anything but elegant and parsimonious, the distance and destination inevitably shape the route, leading to certain repeated forms. The longer the ride out, the longer the ride back, and we can't very well take every alleyway and staircase along a 30 mile route, after all (though we do our best). Even if we will never escape the rhythms of the out-and-back or the baroque filigrees of the inconvenient passageway, it can be useful to go against the grain, as we are tonight.

Route Map

map373.jpg: 700x700, 136k (January 02, 2017, at 10:52 PM)

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