Passage #376: 5 November 2016

Heavens Can Wait

In some traditions, our entry into the spirit realm is seen as an all-or-nothing proposition, a rapid ascent from the worldly world to the heavenly heavens. In others, the process is something slower and more cyclical. While at first glance these differing visions might seem mutually exclusive, we believe that we can find a middle ground.

You see, we are not particularly interested in going quickly or slowly, and we have our own cycles to help us reach those higher (physical or metaphysical) planes. Let us think of it as a medium-paced, bi-cyclical cosmology, in which the ideal path to enlightenment is rather indirect.

Of course, this may not be the fastest way to achieve an elevated state of consciousness, but we can take some comfort in the notion that the higher planes will still be there, even if we are a little late to the party, or miss the party entirely.

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