Passage #395: 22 March 2017

Common Places

There are some places to which we are drawn naturally, by the nature of the terrain, the spectacular scenery, or simply the ease of movement within the street grid. There are other places that we make an effort to visit because of their historical value or their suitability to a particular theme we are exploring. But there are still others that never rise to the level of our attention because they seem so common, each one scarcely distinguishable from the next.

Ah, but great things, entire fields of science, have come from the diligent examination of seemingly-dull minutiae, so perhaps we shouldn't ride past all those boring places quite so quickly, eh? Now, we may not have time to make any groundbreaking discoveries, but tonight we will at least get a closer look at (and, we hope, a greater appreciation of) some of the common places that we pass by each week.

Route Map

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