Passage #418: 30 August 2017

The Ultimate Destination

We have visited a lot of interesting places on the ride over the years, but we realize that we have never actually visited the Ultimate Destination* in town. This week, we correct that oversight.

* We realize that this may sound like a euphemism for death but, worry not, we assure you we are indeed referring to a physical location.

Route Map

map418.jpg: 700x700, 136k (November 02, 2017, at 03:58 AM)

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Passage418_DSC03461.jpg: 700x467, 116k (October 04, 2017, at 03:18 AM)
Passage418_DSC03464.jpg: 700x467, 112k (October 04, 2017, at 03:19 AM)
Passage418_DSC03469.jpg: 700x467, 110k (October 04, 2017, at 03:19 AM)