Passage #104: 29 June 2011

Purity Ring

Sometimes one must not be afraid to go all the way. One must dauntlessly proceed into that black fog of the unknown, follow the path where it leads, go the distance. Fortune, as they say, favors the bold. But, sometimes, one must summon the courage to NOT go all the way. Especially when one finds oneself ALWAYS going all the way -- in one's haste, skipping over much of what is to be found along the way -- then one has the duty to hesitate, to pause. All the way is a limit point but it is not all there is. One can find pleasure in the process.

Tonight, we keep our proverbial "it" in our proverbial "pants." Tonight, we don't go all the way. Where we are going, there is no particular there there. No site, no destination, no climax. Tonight we ruminate on the in-between.

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