Passage #106: 13 July 2011

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido

Oh, hi. You may have read about us in your local media outlet. And you may be new to this list. There has indeed been a small surge of interest.

And another ride -- perhaps a smarter ride -- might plan an easier route, a more novice-friendly route, the week after such a surge. To ease people in. But, alas, this is not another, smarter ride. This is this ride. And while this ride does on occasion do novice-friendly routes, this week is not necessarily one of them. No, this ride has decided that the proper course of action -- for us -- is just to do our ride, our way.

And the people for which it is the right ride, this will be very much the right ride. And the people for which it is not, well, at least our emails are sometimes funny (though not this one, not really, unless you find over-explaining what is really a very simple thing to be funny (which we kind of do (but that's our problem (not necessarily yours (though you are reading this (sorry)))))).

So, you have to ask yourself: Are you the kind of person for whom hills, stairs, off-roading, and donuts sounds like a great way to spend a Wednesday night or you the kind of person for whom that sounds like -- pardon our French -- absolute merde? A better question might be: How well can you handle uncertainty? Disorientation? Fried dough?

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map106.jpg: 700x700, 138k (March 26, 2012, at 05:57 PM)

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