Passage #109: 3 August 2011

Coefficient of Fruction

One may say that in life, just as in games, there are two general approaches that reliably lead to success. The first is a deep understanding the rules (natural laws, social conventions and what have you), and the second is extensive knowledge of the field of play (the game board, the lay of the land, etc.).

These are not mutually exclusive, of course, but they are unquestionably different, the former relying on extended deliberation and judicious application of technical knowledge, the latter relying on sheer persistence and sturdy shoes.

It's a bit like the tension between between theoretical and experimental scientific disciplines. While we very much admire the theoreticians, this week is an experment, in which we measure the properties of the landscape. How, you ask? Well, by picking fruits and then eating them, of course.

Expect a rather short distance, a few small hills and an unusual amount of stopping...

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