Passage #123: 9 November 2011

What Is a Picnic, Alex?

Sticklers may object that the moon's not technically full until Thursday. Yes, certainly, they may do that, and we may completely ignore their objections, because we've got our eyes on the prize. Don't tell us we can't win, naywinsayers!

Not only are we going to sweep the entire "Inconvenient Passageways" category, but we're going to dominate the "Spectacular Views" and "Disorientation" categories, too. And when we hit the Daily Double (picnic), oh, they'd better watch out! Oh yes, that's right: two picnics!

This week, we've got two stops for eating and enjoying the view, one on each side of the hill. Bring food to share. We're climbing for a couple miles, and it's getting a little chilly out there, so layers are a good idea, too. Over a mile of the route is unpaved, but most of it's pretty well-packed, and the parts that aren't are a short walk.

Route Map

map123.jpg: 700x700, 138k (March 27, 2012, at 04:13 AM)

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