Passage #124: 16 November 2011

More Weaving than Bobbing

You have to know what kind of fight you are in. If you bring a knife to a gun fight, things are not going to end well for you. If you bring your rooster to a dog fight, everybody will laugh. If you're about to enter a thumb war and you take off a shoe and sock, well, your classmate is going to be more than a little confused.

Tonight, let us say that we'll be doing a little mixed martial arts. The last thing we'd want to do in mixed martial arts is start bobbing and weaving. Just like a cyclist commuting down Wilshire is thinking like a car, an MMA fighter bobbing and weaving is hopelessly mired in boxing's strategic paradigm. Boxing this is not. Weaving is fine, but too much bobbing will only earn you a swift knee to the jaw. Never forget the knees.

So, this week, while we weave aplenty, you will find little in the way of bobbing. No, mostly steady rises, steady descents. Yet the battle is not necessarily short -- we'll visit a bit of the sprawl in this brawl. And, with a little luck and a lot of tenacity, we might just end up the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONS!

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