Passage #141: 21 March 2012

Smooth Sailing Ahead

One of the ironies of our ride has always been that New Hampshire Avenue, the corner of which and 3rd being our point of departure each week, New Hampshire Avenue has always been a bit unpleasant of a cycling route. POT. HOLES. Not just between 3rd and 4th -- though it has been especially bad on that block -- but all the way to Olympic and beyond. Off-roading? No problem. But riders complain when we take New Hampshire.

A couple years ago they went through and repaved most of Koreatown's surrounding streets. New Hampshire? Nothing. The CicLAvia route goes down it, passing right by the donut shop. Has this inspired a fix? Nope. They even put sharrows along a stretch -- some right into the pot holes. Still, nada.

Well, friends, we are happy to report that they are finally doing something about it. No, it is not exactly smooth YET. Quite the opposite. Right now it is the storm before the calm. But they have taken the first scraping steps towards a future of smoothness. It is, as they say, upon the horizon. And so, in anticipation and in celebration, this week we head out towards that buttery horizon of smooth sailing.

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