Passage #154: 27 June 2012

___mmMm, etc.*

* The full route name is: "___mmMmMmMMmMMMMmm_____"

What kind of ridiculous ride name is that, you are surely asking. Have we accidentally glued our mouths shut? Have we been afflicted with some kind of palsy? Are we just going to spend the entire evening eating truffles? Well, no, not exactly.

As it so happens, the ride's name is also be a pretty reasonable depiction of the ride's topographic profile, an innovation that we find rather clever. This is perhaps the most information-dense ride name we have devised to date, and we are very proud of it. You're welcome.

If the ride's name also happens to be a pretty reasonable depiction of your attitude toward hills, then it is safe to say that you will be quite happy with the ride itself - almost as happy, even, as we are with the ride's title. And if your attitude toward hills is more "eh" than "mmm," then perhaps this will change your mind?

As you would expect, there are some views to be had. And some pleasant streets. And we pass by any number of notable residences along the way. Even if the residences themselves are obscured by hedges, we trust that the mere proximity to all that celebrity will be enough to make you giddy. People in open-top buses pay good money to see those hedges! And they don't even get victory donuts.

Route Map

map154.jpg: 700x700, 139k (June 29, 2012, at 01:27 AM)

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