Passage #156: 11 July 2012

Dead Presidents

It was lonely at the top. No one really understood the pressures you were under as leader of the free world. Sometimes it seemed that even your friends and closest advisors were just trying to hustle you for more power, more prestige. And the press, no, they certainly weren't about to give you any breaks. And, oh, the Congress! Don't even get you started on the Congress!

You're done with all that now, and good riddance, you say. It's time to start really working on your legacy. You've gotten your library set up, of course, and you're starting to narrow down the mission of your charitable foundation. You find that it's relaxing being outside the public eye, coming back into the spotlight only for the occasional speaking engagement.

It's a relief. Really, it is. Finally freed of the constraints of the election cycle, you may elect to cycle wherever you please. Up a hill perhaps, where you can settle into this newly contemplative life as an ex-president. Some day, you think, years and years down the line, perhaps they will start naming topographic features like these after you. Then, truly, you will have hit the big time. Who needs their face on currency when they've got a hill named after them? Not you, that's for sure.

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