Passage #172: 31 October 2012


Do not go upstairs. Do not go in the cellar. Do not answer the phone. Do not split up. Do not leave the main road. Do not go into the woods. Do not use a ouija board to contact the spirits. Do not talk to any dolls. Do not ask, "Who's there?" Do not say you'll be right back. Do not go anywhere near the lake. Do not enter anything that has been abandoned. Do not go to the graveyard to party. Do not perform the demon-raising ceremony "just for fun." Do not go to any camps nor any buildings built upon native burial grounds. Do not go back for your pets. Do not go back for your kids. Do not investigate the strange light. Do not investigate the strange sound. Do not turn off the lights. Do not make a sound.

This week we follow SOME of these rules for staying alive.

Route Map

map172.jpg: 700x700, 138k (November 03, 2012, at 11:50 PM)

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