Passage #175: 21 November 2012

It's Like Jazz

Hearing creative people describe their efforts as "like jazz" can quickly become tiresome. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it. You have tried to balance composition and improvisation. You developed themes and then approached the articulation of those themes with a sense of whimsy, of play -- a spirit of experimentation. Great. But maybe, just maybe, you were sorta kinda just unprepared? Maybe you took a leap into the unknown and hoped for the best and something came out of it that was kind of good, and perhaps not quite what you expected, and you were pretty happy with it, and perhaps realized that it might even be better than what you are capable of when you do try to control everything? How about it? Be honest. And, sure, to wrangle that possible chaos into something coherent takes a certain level of skill and a definite surfeit of chutzpah (or cluelessness), but it doesn't exactly make you Miles Davis, my friend. Sorry.

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