Passage #21: 11 November 2009

Rheology and Reification

Y'know, we're good at this symbolism thing, you and I. We can find patterns and symbols in pretty much anything: bunnies in the clouds; Jesuses in baked goods; faces of all kinds, everywhere! There's not a thing in this world that we humans can't anthropomorphize or zoomorphize or otherwise imagine as something it's not.

And what have we here? A rock formation that, from the right angle, under the right lighting conditions, is vaguely bird-shaped? This, my friends, is not merely some accident of geologic uplift and erosion. This Rock, I say, it is an Eagle!

So. We're going to Eagle Rock this week. Along the way, expect some completely unnecessary ramps and stairways and a business whose name is a Situationist pun. Oh yeah, it's über-dorky. You should join us.

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