Passage #216: 18 September 2013

Harvest Moon

The full moon is shining, and thus we are having a picnic this week! Bring some food to share!

Our somewhat inconsistent tradition of having a picnic ride when the moon is full seems all the more appropriate this time because it is the Harvest Moon that shines upon our feast.

Now it is true that we, living in the city and enmeshed in the great morass of global capitalism, are somewhat disconnected from the agrarian roots that sustain us. But it is still a harvest that brings us our food, even if that harvest is hidden from view and even if the food arrives in brightly-colored, individually-wrapped packages.

We are animals that are made from plants that are made from the earth that is in turn made from the dust of exploded stars. That is to say: it is fitting to occasionally remember one's place, and what better occasion than a picnic that celebrates the almost-alignment* of the equinox with a full moon with a Wednesday night?

* The full moon is on Thursday, but it is at its fullest point very early in the morning on Thursday, so this is just about as close to full as it gets.

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