Passage #220: 16 October 2013

Theory of Relativity

Don't know about you, but some of us around Passage HQ have already booked our travel plans to visit relatives this winter. Yes, that time of raised airline prices and uncomfortably packed trains we call "the holiday season" is quickly approaching.

And because this ride is as much therapeutic service as anything else, we thought we'd give us all a little dry run -- to help prepare ourselves for the psychological trauma of endless questions about our wardrobes, our social lives, our "careers," questions about "what we are doing with our lives."

Like any such visit, the exact details are impossible to fully plan. You just go and then roll with it. You're in their hands. The plan is for a short overall trip -- under 20 miles -- but it all depends on how welcoming the folks are, or how insistent grandma is that she fatten us up, or if we end up cornered by crazy Tea Party uncle in a discussion about health care. Or for how long we feel we need to go off alone by ourselves in the woods -- uphill, off-road -- to get away from everyone for a while. We'll see. It's, um, relative.

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