Passage #224: 13 November 2013

100 Yrs

A hundred years in the past sure is a long time ago. A hundred years ago Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as president. A hundred years ago the Lincoln Highway, the first cross-country automobile highway, was completed, the women's suffrage movement was in full swing and, with the ratification of the 16th amendment, federal income tax was reinstated. And it was a hundred years ago that the first water flowed through the Los Angeles Aqueduct. This week's ride doesn't have anything to do with any of those events (we may make it up to Sylmar to see the cascades at some point, but not this week). But, worry not, this theme isn't a complete non sequitur. Other, less milestoney-type things also came around about a hundred years ago and we'll see some of that. We promise.

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