Passage #237: 19 February 2014


Convergences! The world is so full of convergences that you can find them all around you, if only you look. Well, yes, in some sense, it is rather unremarkable that small features converge to form larger ones, or that common forms are repeated in unrelated contexts. Due to basic geometry, or the laws of physics, or simply random chance, such patterns are bound to manifest themselves. And since we humans are so skilled at recognizing patterns, it may also be unremarkable that we experience a certain joy when we find these convergences and parallels, even where none are actually present.

But there are certainly some convergences present tonight. They happen to be of a rather literal and prosaic variety, it's true, but if you are so inclined, you are certainly welcome to search for the more elaborate and metaphorical ones along the way.

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map237.jpg: 700x700, 112k (April 19, 2014, at 03:52 PM)

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