Passage #257: 9 July 2014

Because It's There

Okay, naming this week's ride after George Mallory's famous quip when asked why he wanted to climb Everest is probably a bit misleading. We've certainly gone higher, done steeper, longer climbs, have had more off-roading, and followed routes which required more hiking. There is nothing particularly superlative about the ride at all per se. But it does have a combination of all these things that while not unprecedented is nonetheless not usual -- except inasmuch as we usually endeavor to try different things.

This week we're trying this.

Not because the route is necessarily convenient for cycling but because it is there.

Route Map

map257.jpg: 700x700, 133k (September 01, 2014, at 08:13 PM)

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Passage257_DSC05274.jpg: 700x467, 89k (September 02, 2014, at 02:11 AM)
Passage257_DSC05276.jpg: 700x467, 70k (September 02, 2014, at 02:11 AM)
Passage257_DSC05287.jpg: 700x467, 74k (September 02, 2014, at 02:12 AM)
Passage257_DSC05293.jpg: 700x467, 95k (September 02, 2014, at 02:12 AM)
Passage257_DSC05299.jpg: 700x467, 102k (September 02, 2014, at 02:12 AM)