Passage #258: 16 July 2014


Sometimes a bike ride arrives as an elaborate meal with multiple courses, layered themes, and bits of history. It may be an exercise in challenging contrasts, of complex textures and waves of flavor, as the airy souffle of the shimmering city view is paired with the crunchy, bitter fruit of the rocky trail -- truly a full experience that engages all the senses.

But then, sometimes, like this week, a bike ride is short and sweet, like a little lump of marzipan that you may shape into whatever theme suits your fancy. Will you swaddle it in gold foil, or arrange it for display? Or perhaps you will simply consume it as-is, because you feel that such things are best enjoyed unadorned? It is really up to you.

Route Map

map258.jpg: 700x700, 134k (September 01, 2014, at 08:14 PM)

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