Passage #271: 15 October 2014

Hunting Season

The overcast mornings, the slight (very slight!) chill in the air -- yes, it's beginning to feel like autumn in Los Angeles. And while that might make you think of an onslaught of pumpkin-flavored goodies, for us it means just one thing: hunting season! You know us for our cycling adventures, but what we really consider ourselves, first and foremost, are Sportsmen (no, not really, but play along with us here). Knickers and helmets are fine and good, but never do we feel more comfortable than when we swath ourselves in camouflage and grab our arrows and bows (because, obviously, we're bow hunters, right?).

And, sure, we live in the Big City, but it is a city surrounded and punctuated by nature. And as we encroach ever more on that nature (and as it is, additionally, choked by drought), said nature will encroach ever more upon us. Indeed, the number of different creatures, great and small, seen while scouting this route was truly amazing. In parks, along rivers, chilling in front yards: creatures! Just waiting to be shot!

Okay, okay, no shooting (please, NO SHOOTING) will happen on this ride. We'll just behold nature; we'll "appreciate" it. We'll be awed by its beauty and majesty and quiet/scurrying dignity. So grab your bikes and orange vests and let's "hunt" a little nature!

Route Map

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