Passage #295: 15 April 2015

Mount Disappointment

Sometimes, when you climb a hill, you are richly rewarded for your efforts. Sometimes you reach the top and find hidden oddities or stunning vistas. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you even get a satisfying downhill. Other times, well, not so much.

This week, we give you one (or, indeed, a series) of those other times. So if you are done sifting through your piles of disappointing paperwork this evening, please come and join us to climb some disappointing hills!

Route Map

map295.jpg: 700x700, 136k (May 04, 2015, at 04:53 PM)

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Passage295_DSC02328.jpg: 700x467, 168k (May 05, 2015, at 01:43 AM)
Passage295_DSC02339.jpg: 700x467, 141k (May 05, 2015, at 01:43 AM)
Passage295_DSC02353.jpg: 700x467, 93k (May 05, 2015, at 01:44 AM)
Passage295_DSC02357.jpg: 700x467, 205k (May 05, 2015, at 01:44 AM)
Passage295_DSC02366.jpg: 700x467, 140k (May 05, 2015, at 01:44 AM)