Passage #32: 3 February 2010

Your Name in Lights

The currents! They are flowing all around us, bringing us light!

Through the streetlights, the neon signs, the animated billboards and the headlamps, the currents flow. The currents, indeed, are flowing through you, as you think, as you move, as you read these words. And the words themselves exist only by virtue of the currents that sustain them: signals stored, retrieved, encoded, modulated, transmitted, received, convolved, decoded and stored once more, all thanks to the currents and their motive force.

The currents, moving through cathodes, diodes and liquid crystal, trace out the contours of the words and letters now upon your screen. The currents, moving through the flickering hotel sign, trace out its name, shining now in your mind, bright as neon.

So... perhaps you'd like to venture out and put all those fancy-pants currents to use? Perhaps on a bike ride, hmm? Perhaps get all "meta" with it and channel those currents of yours to go out and see all the other currents at work around the city? Perhaps finally ditch this strained premise and just hit the streets already? Why, that's a brilliant idea - let's do it!

But just remember: you must use the currents for good, not for evil; The People will suffer if you use the currents for evil...

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