Passage #328: 5 December 2015

The Pursuit of Excellence

Though a longer, more elaborate ride announcement might be warranted here, it behooves us to remind you (scarcely more than an hour before our normal ride time, we know) that the Passage is on Saturday this week. So, lest you show up at the donut shop to find no ride and declare the entire enterprise bogus, let us be uncharacteristically brief and straightforward: we will be going to the furthest reaches of the San Gabriel Valley this week and, much like Mssrs. Logan and Preston did with their historical figures, exposing you to all the best things that the 1980s had to offer aerobics*, water slides**, roller rinks***, etc.****.

All in all, a most excellent adventure.

* aerobic exercise, anyway
** or at least some establishing shots thereof
*** that is, the rolling of your tires over... stuff?
**** definitely lots and lots of cetera; we promise you that!

Route Map

map328.jpg: 700x700, 134k (December 25, 2015, at 09:00 PM)

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