Passage #339: 17 February 2016

Blame It on the Rain

The rain is here and likely only to intensify. And tonight, rather than engaging in our rain day tradition of going bowling, we will finally be making good on a promise (or at least a very strong implication) that we've made from the very beginning: pool halls!

Pool halls are well-nigh ubiquitous in Koreatown, and though we have always included them in our list of "things to expect" on the ride, we have never actually gone to any, unless you count Shatto Lanes (which might qualify, as it does have quite a few pool tables). Our goal tonight is to visit at least two of the several Korean pool establishments nearby. There are at least four of these within a half-mile of the donut shop, and with one of them being a combination karaoke/billiards place, some karaoke may also take place (though we have no idea whether their selection includes any Milli Vanilli).

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