Passage #349: 27 April 2016


Despite all our advances in scientific understanding, and the consequent narrowing of the realm we might cede to the spirits, there is no shortage of psychics, fortune tellers and soothsayers in the world. Perhaps this is no great surprise, as each would-be oracle promises us a connection. Indeed, we are all seeking connections in one fashion or another - whether to something so nebulous as "something bigger" or as concrete as "the other side of that freeway."

But while those who claim to be spirit mediums may dazzle you with flim-flam, beguile you with subtle suggestion and lull you into trances with dim lighting, we here at TPOAFPTARBMIT promise to connect you to the other side using only the humblest of tools - your very own bicycle! No crystal balls; no 35,000-year-old Lemurian warriors; no introductory DVDs for $29.99. Also no ectoplasm this time, we hope.

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