Passage #397: 5 April 2017

Crux Redux

In our first quixotic experiment, we were vexed by the exigencies of the evening and nixed the extended exploration that we were fixing to finish. But now, post-equinox, we finally have an excuse to execute the more westerly (but, as it happens, also more Easter-ly) excerpt of the expedition. Excited? Excellent.

Route Map

map397.jpg: 700x700, 136k (June 22, 2017, at 10:56 PM)

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Passage397_DSC01947.jpg: 700x467, 143k (April 06, 2017, at 01:29 PM)
Passage397_DSC01965.jpg: 700x467, 111k (April 06, 2017, at 01:29 PM)
Passage397_DSC01970.jpg: 700x467, 90k (April 06, 2017, at 01:30 PM)
Passage397_DSC01996.jpg: 700x467, 195k (April 06, 2017, at 01:30 PM)