Passage #405: 31 May 2017


In the experience of moving through a landscape, the changes in environment (some gradual, others more sudden) allow for brief moments of reflection on the nature of a place. If one keeps moving, each place is gone almost as soon as it can be recognized, but if one stops, so does that process of reflection and recognition. It is on the cusp of this ambiguity that we build our understanding of the city. Our apologies if this all sounds a bit contradictory. Boundaries are fuzzy sometimes you see, and the further one refines them, the fuzzier they get, so perhaps one can't help but say two things at once? So it is with this week's ride, an examination of refugia in two senses: places of refuge and relaxation; and relics that have, by intention or by chance, survived the changes around them. They are, of course, not mutually exclusive.

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