Passage #415: 9 August 2017

Views of the View

Among many other things, we are driven by the views. This is not an uncommon motivation, to be sure, in our mediated age, but seeing as how we are a bike ride and not (at least not yet) a media empire, we need not be entirely beholden to "the views." As bicycle riding is not purely (or even primarily) a consumptive activity, we also try to incorporate more complex interactions - engagements, let's call them. Hmm, well perhaps we are not alone there either... In any case, tonight we visit an assortment of nominal views and putative vistas. Whether the views from these views will be as advertised, we cannot say. It depends on how you see it.

Route Map

map415.jpg: 700x700, 136k (November 02, 2017, at 03:58 AM)

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