Passage #430: 22 November 2017

For the Birds

There is nothing particularly special about tonight's ride no overriding concept or stunning destination. There are, in fact, multiple pointless climbs and disappointing culs-de-sac. Why do it at all then, you ask, if it is so utterly unremarkable? Well, you see, it's for the birds; we do it strictly for the birds.

Route Map

map430.jpg: 700x700, 136k (November 24, 2017, at 11:22 PM)

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Passage430_DSC04176.jpg: 700x467, 165k (November 23, 2017, at 01:18 PM)
Passage430_DSC04181.jpg: 700x467, 121k (November 23, 2017, at 01:18 PM)
Passage430_DSC04191.jpg: 700x467, 141k (November 23, 2017, at 01:18 PM)