Passage #432: 9 December 2017

Bane and Gain

This weekend's ride has a long pedigree of failure: planned once, but thwarted by road closure; planned and scouted yet again, but thwarted by miserable terrain; and now, it seems, thwarted by fire danger. So we are left making modifications up until the very last minute. It would be melodramatic to say that this route has been the bane of our existence, so we will not. But you know what they say: one person's bane is another person's bleasure? Do they say that? Anyway, we certainly hope that you find this weekend's ride bleasureful enough that all the bane (such as it is) is justified.

Route Map

map432.jpg: 700x700, 134k (June 17, 2018, at 12:17 AM)

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Passage432_DSC04275.jpg: 700x467, 232k (March 05, 2018, at 02:44 AM)
Passage432_DSC04310.jpg: 700x467, 145k (March 05, 2018, at 02:45 AM)
Passage432_DSC04341.jpg: 700x467, 178k (March 05, 2018, at 02:46 AM)
Passage432_DSC04357.jpg: 700x467, 163k (March 05, 2018, at 02:46 AM)
Passage432_DSC04369-2.jpg: 700x467, 190k (March 05, 2018, at 02:47 AM)
Passage432_DSC04404.jpg: 700x467, 129k (March 05, 2018, at 02:48 AM)
Passage432_DSC04467.jpg: 700x467, 162k (March 05, 2018, at 02:49 AM)
Passage432_DSC04473.jpg: 700x467, 163k (March 05, 2018, at 02:49 AM)