Passage #435: 6 January 2018


It is said that we are born without the ability to understand object permanence. You hide from a baby and then pop out, proclaiming "peek-a-boo!" and they smile and laugh, delighted, supposedly as if you had appeared from nowhere. But maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe the child knows you're still there just hiding but is simply excited to see you each and every time you appear? Maybe she is merely not yet old and jaded?

Because we experience a similar excitement when we ride in the mountains. As we ascend their heights and venture into the depths of their curves and valleys, we know very well that the city we left behind has not disappeared, even though no longer in view. And yet when we make a turn, or reach a crest, and behold the vista below we do get excited pretty much every time.

Climbing hills can be tough (and will be this time) but it is also a way we can reclaim some of that childlike wonder and delight. Won't you join us this week as we elevate our perspectives like little babies?

Route Map

map435.jpg: 700x700, 134k (June 17, 2018, at 12:17 AM)

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