Passage #45: 5 May 2010

Big Trees in Little Taipei

Yeah, you know, kind of like in the movie?

Well no, actually, not at all like the movie. Less kung-fu, for one thing. Fewer supernatural beings, for another. No Kurt Russell either, unless Kurt Russell decides to show up. I mean, every Thursday morning, that dude Twitters about how bummed he is to have missed the ride, but does he ever make it out? Pffft.

So probably no celebrities. But - ah! - here is what we do have: multiple overpasses, big trees*, a hill in the middle, sister cities, some impressive views and, to top it all off, a brief riparian excursion. In other words: some fun, if slightly unorthodox, bike-riding times.

* actually, the trees aren't all that big, but with a little luck, perhaps they will be some day...

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