Passage #44: 28 April 2010


We spend a lot of time and energy putting together this ride. We do it not for recognition nor remuneration but for the simple love of exploring the city. And, yet, times are tough. And we're not really in a position to refuse when an offer for a little extra scratch comes our way. So, when a major motion picture studio contacted us, asking if we might be interested in planning a route in connection with an upcoming feature from a comic book-based franchise of theirs, our interest was piqued. "You get some funds to continue doing what you love to do," they said, "and we get to reach the elusive Up-and-Comers and Urban Achievers market segments in a new and meaningful way. It's a total win-win!" We weren't entirely convinced, but when that briefcase full of cash was opened in front of us,...

Route map

map44.jpg: 700x700, 140k (April 09, 2012, at 07:13 PM)

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Passage44_1050832.jpg: 700x525, 101k (April 29, 2010, at 02:56 PM)
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