Passage #475: 17 October 2018

Banjos! Banjos! Banjos!

We don't know either!

But a ride needs a theme (at least in our world) and this is a nice little route that we are fairly excited about -- going to some familiar places but cutting through in slightly different ways, venturing out onto some different trails from before (not abnormal for us, perhaps, but a solidly normal amount of exciting) -- and so we needed a fairly exciting theme. And so: banjos! And then, to step it up a notch: banjos! And finally, because one additional notch is not nearly enough: banjos!

Banjos! Banjos! Banjos!

Why banjos?

We already told you: we don't really know!

But are you excited yet? Yeah? Then strap your banjo* onto your back and join us for this week's ride!

* Don't have a banjo? That's okay! We don't either! These are mainly metaphorical banjos, truth be told. And, to tell even more truth, we don't even find banjos all that exciting. They're fine and all, sure. But they're no harmoniums. But while "Harmoniums! Harmoniums! Harmoniums!" would indeed be pretty exciting (in a drone-fabulous kind of way), it doesn't sound all that exciting, like the words themselves. Whereas "banjos" kind of pops in your mouth bang! So, while you may be thinking of this as one of our "non sequitur routes," it is probably more accurately an ideophone route. (Okay, despite our repeated protestations, maybe we did know after all.) Banjos!

Route Map

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