Passage #479: 14 November 2018

Ready Cut Go

"You are the best kind of American citizen when you own your own home!* To be a contributing factor in your community and sponsor for your family's cherished realm of happiness you must be a builder. And the greatest of all builders . . . so it has been down through all the Ages . . . is the Home-builder. This axiom of Truth has been the foundation of all great countries since time immemorial; it is the economic and spiritual basis of happiness today.

"So we assume that every normal man and woman wants a home. And, by that token, we take it for granted that you want a home. You want that home to provide the best affordable dwelling place for you and your loved ones; you want the greatest amount of home value for the smallest consistent outlay of money . . . . . . . and how?

"The Pacific Organization . . . with its tremendous financial resources, its 24 acres of manufacturing facilities, its 1,000 skilled employees, its staff of expert architects, its armies of construction craftsmen, plus the sincere and abiding determination of its executives to see that you are unconditionally satisfied . . . presents you with the finest opportunity you will ever have to realize this ambition of yours to get greatest home value. Your investigation** will readily prove this."

* The opinions above represent business claims of Pacific Ready-Cut Homes, Inc., and do not reflect the views of The Passage Ride, its officers, or its subsidiaries.

** To prepare for this week's ride, you may consider listening to this related episode of 99% Invisible.

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