Passage #5: 21 July 2009

Le Tour de Smell

This week: Le Tour de Smell, featuring:

  • The streets of Los Angeles
  • The streets of Vernon
  • Smells that reveal
  • Smells that conceal
  • Animals that were
  • Animals that will be
  • Vegetation, native and exotic
  • Water!
  • Fire!
  • Sausage!
  • One or two Ride-Arc-inspired elaborations on the history of the places and their smells

Breathe in the whole big city* as it blooms and decays and then blooms again.

* OK, so maybe not the whole big city (we want to get back by midnight, remember), but a representative survey at the very least. We'll get to the stuff we missed some other time.

Route map

map5.jpg: 700x700, 139k (April 09, 2012, at 07:10 PM)

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