Passage #53: 30 June 2010

We Invented the Remix

Remember a few weeks ago when we went up to Grand Central Terminal? And remember how I said I had planned to take us there the following week? ...Well, now that it's our second year, it's time to start repeating ourselves, right? Not quite. Though the general destination is the same, I've significantly rerouted so that there is minimal overlap between that last Terminal excursion and this one. In fact, this route probably shares more in common with a couple of our other rides. So it's a remix, it's a mash-up, it's something alright and by golly WE INVENTED IT.

(While not nearly as mental as Nathan's route last week, we are definitely hitting some hills, and doing some off-roading, and there will be bridges, tunnels, and inconvenient passageways aplenty. So prepare yourself. But there are no steep dirt inclines to carry our bikes up. And no ditches for you to fall into. So it's child's play, really.)

Route map

map53.jpg: 700x700, 139k (March 30, 2012, at 10:14 PM)

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