Passage #63: 8 September 2010

Forks and Bob Hope

It's a confusing world. We are bombarded with thousands of images and messages and bits of information everyday. Television, radio, movies, magazines, newspapers, books, billboards, posters, flyers, the internet. Whole industries exist just to help us sort through and make sense of it all. Many industries. So, when people tell us that they like our ride descriptions yet can rarely tell what we're actually getting at, what it all means, well, one has to wonder if we're not doing our audience a disservice, if we're not just adding to the information overload. The world is difficult enough as it is. People are overwhelmed; they've had too much. Is a little clarity too much to ask?

No. No, it is not. So this week: a little clarity. This week's ride is called: "Forks and Bob Hope." On this week's ride you can expect: forks and Bob Hope.

You're welcome.

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