Passage #68: 13 October 2010


The rules are simple:

  • 1) You can only turn on streets whose names share a letter with the name of the street you are currently on (unless you have no choice but to turn).
  • 2) You cannot use the same letter twice (unless all available letters have been used).


Route Map

map68.jpg: 700x700, 138k (March 30, 2012, at 10:09 PM)

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Passage68_1060980.jpg: 700x525, 184k (October 22, 2010, at 01:52 AM)
Passage68_1060982.jpg: 700x525, 111k (October 22, 2010, at 01:52 AM)
Passage68_1060998.jpg: 700x525, 183k (October 22, 2010, at 01:52 AM)